white sneakers for men, black sneakers for men, sneakers for men
white sneakers for men, black sneakers for men, sneakers for men

When the sun starts shining, it is time to switch from winter boots to the most comfortable, fresh pair of summer-ready everyday sneakers. Everyday or basic sneakers are the most comfortable shoes for men and add a dash of style to their seasonal wardrobe. Black and white sneakers are the most basic ones and are now the most indispensable part of every man’s wardrobe.

White or black sneakers for men enhance your appearance and offer all-day comfort, whether going to the gym, running errands, or going out for a casual night with friends. These basic sneakers have become a must-have in any man’s wardrobe as they seamlessly combine fashion, functionality, and comfort.

If you are looking for summer-ready sneakers for men, you are in the right place. Here are some different types of everyday sneakers for men that you can find at all the renowned brands, such as JACK&JONES.

Types Of Everyday Sneakers For Men

●      Classic Canvas Sneakers

            Classic canvas sneakers for men have been a staple for decades due to their various qualities. Whether it is white sneakers for men, black sneakers for men, or coloured one, you can perfectly style them with shorts, jeans, or even casual suits and steal the show. These are lightweight and designed with breathable fabric to keep your feet cool during the summer heat.

●      Leather Low-Tops

Leather low-top sneakers for men add a touch of sophistication to any outfit. These are the most refined, versatile, and durable pair of shoes that can easily add a touch of elegance to your summer ensemble. You can style them for casual gatherings or more formal events with the right outfit for a more polished and refined look.

●      Sock-Like Slip-Ons

            Sock-like slip-on sneakers provide streamlined comfort without compromising on style. These shoes come with a snug fit, ensuring you can slip them on and off without discomfort. Their minimalist design adds a contemporary edge to your summer attire.

●      Chunky Retro Sneakers

            Chunky retro sneakers are back in the fashion world and have gained popularity for their statement-making design. They have oversized soles, vibrant colourways, and eye-catching designs, making them a perfect choice for those who want to stand out in a crowd. They are bold and vintage-inspired, and their attention-grabbing designs add a unique flair to the summer look.

●      Knit Sneakers

            Knit sneakers are lightweight shoes ideal for active men who want to stay stylish during the summer. They cover the feet and protect them from the sun’s rays. You can wear them for workouts, running, or just a casual walk in the sun.

●      Espadrille Sneakers

            Espadrille sneakers are simple, stylish sneakers for men made of jute fabric. With their distinctive jute soles, they look casual yet stylish, making them the perfect choice for warm-weather escapes. You can pair them with shorts, linen trousers, and lightweight summer shirts.


In conclusion, choosing your everyday sneakers from big and renowned brands like JACK&JONES can set your tone for a fashionable summer. Consider your style and the occasion, and prioritise comfort before selecting your best pair.

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