Exploring the Role of Sterlite Power Transmission Shares in India’s Development

SPTL’s unlisted shares, pre ipo shares
SPTL’s unlisted shares, pre ipo shares

Your search to explore the role of SPTL or Sterlite Power Transmission Shares in India’s development ends here. SPTL is the transmission grid business arm of Sterlite Technologies Ltd, which provides optical networking in over 150 countries. Starting in 2006, SPTL has become India and Brazil’s top private sector power transmission infrastructure solutions provider. 

SPTL has empowered the Indian power sector with innovative global practices to solve complex problems and supply power to all its nooks and corners. It has 26% of the TBCB or tariff-based Competitive Bidding of Indian government power projects. It also has 13% of ANEEL or Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Authority power projects. 

Though SPTL’s business division was demerged in 2016 and its transmission infrastructure business demerged in 2023, its unlisted shares traded around Rs. 500 in February 2024. SPTL enables electricity to light homes in India and power its industries to make numerous products to increase development. 

So, explore how SPTL’s unlisted shares continue to provide global products, specialised EPC or engineering, procurement, construction services, and convergence-fibre business to develop India to buy its unlisted shares to reap high yields. 

What is Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd?

Electric power has become one of the bare essentials for human living, like water, air, and others. With the Indian government committed to providing electricity to all places, including far-off villages, there is a need for bespoke solutions to many of its complex challenges. It is here that SPTL or Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd, for the past nearly two decades, has been providing power transmission infrastructure, EHV or extra high voltage installations, and other electric utility solutions. It has become the pioneer in empowering Indians to have electricity by overcoming many tough challenges to fulfil the government’s vision to provide round-the-clock energy access to all Indians. 

What role does Sterlite Power Transmission Ltd play in India’s development?

India has the largest population in the world and needs huge electricity not only in its big cities and towns but also in tiny villages spread across its vast landscape. To fulfil the government’s Vision to provide a 24 x 7 power supply to all Indians, SPTL or Sterlite Power Transmission Limited plays a pivotal role. It overcomes many challenges, like commissioning transmission projects within a short time frame, environmental concerns, ROW or right-of-way spay issues, etc. Also, to bring global bespoke solutions to complex power problems, including the following. 

  • SPTL implements power projects ahead of schedule using BOOM or Build Own Operate Maintain and provides financial innovation by offering the first power sector InvIT or Infrastructure Investment trust
  • Air cranes were deployed for the first time in India to lay transmission lines even on mountainous terrains. 
  • They used LiDAR or light detection Ranging measuring technology for the first time in India for topographic mapping using aircraft for cost-effective and timesaving surveys to execute power projects.
  • Use heli stringing for speedy installation of transmission networks by solving socio-economic issues related to ROW or right-of-the-way in many power projects.
  • Provide barge-mounted telescopic cranes with 1,000 metric tons capacity to lay transmission lines across the Ganges and other rivers.

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